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Table 2 CGDV supported data types, corresponding file formats and description of the plot

From: CGDV: a webtool for circular visualization of genomics and transcriptomics data

S.No. Data type File format Circular plot
1 VCF vcf version 4.1 SNP and InDel with their sequencing depth
2 CNVnator output raw output of CNVnator Amplification and deletion with their size
3 ChIPSeq raw output from MACS in XLS format Peaks and tag density with their p-value
4 Gene fusion output raw output from fusion inspector Links between various genes which are fused together with color intensity based upon number of reads supporting each fusion event
5 Cuffdiff output raw output from Cuffdiff FPKM values per gene /isoform
6 BED Extended BED upto 12 data columns Expression values per genome coordinate
7 Matrix-links Data in a matrix format Links between data in the row and column
8 BLAST output BLAST output data in a tabular format (BLAST run with –m8 option) Links between similarity among homologous sequences