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Table 2 Transcripts encoding ribosomal proteins were differentially regulated in Citrus sinensis in response to infection by CTV-B2/CaLas-B232 and CTV-B6/CaLas-B232

From: Transcriptional analysis of sweet orange trees co-infected with ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ and mild or severe strains of Citrus tristeza virus

Gene symbol Transcript id_ AGI Gene description Log 2 Fold-change
Citrus sinensis CTV-B2/
RPS5 orange1.1g021869m AT2G33800 ribosomal protein S5 family protein   −1.42
RPS5 orange1.1g013474m AT1G64880 ribosomal protein S5 family protein   −1.03
RPS6 orange1.1g027743m AT1G64510 ribosomal protein S6 family protein   −1.71
RPS9 orange1.1g042358m AT1G74970 ribosomal protein S9   −1.46
RPS10 orange1.1g041275m AT3G13120 30S ribosomal protein S10, chloroplast, putative   −1.70
RPS13 orange1.1g030930m AT5G14320 30S ribosomal protein S13, chloroplast (CS13)   −1.39
RPS17 orange1.1g033970m AT1G79850 ribosomal protein S17   −1.48
RPS20 orange1.1g029900m AT3G15190 chloroplast 30S ribosomal protein S20, putative −1.11 −1.69
RPS1 orange1.1g015066m AT5G30510 ribosomal protein S1   −1.57
GHS1/S21 orange1.1g030080m AT3G27160 glucose hypersensitive1, structural constituent of ribosome   −1.86
RPS4B orange1.1g024793m AT5G07090 40S ribosomal protein S4 (RPS4B)   −1.12
RPS5A orange1.1g028585m AT3G11940 ribosomal protein 5A, structural constituent of ribosome   −1.16
RPS8A orange1.1g044642m AT5G20290 40S ribosomal protein S8 (RPS8A)   −1.06
RPS13A orange1.1g031857m AT4G00100 Arabidopsis thaliana ribosomal protein S13A   −1.02
RPS16A orange1.1g032049m AT2G09990 40S ribosomal protein S16   −1.04
RPS19C orange1.1g032099m AT5G61170 40S ribosomal protein S19 (RPS19C)   −1.04
RPS20B orange1.1g033482m AT3G47370 40S ribosomal protein S20 (RPS20B)   −1.14
RPS23B orange1.1g032383m AT5G02960 40S ribosomal protein S23 (RPS23B)   −1.46
RPS24B orange1.1g032727m AT5G28060 40S ribosomal protein S24 (RPS24B)   −1.77
RPS25 orange1.1g033931m AT4G34555 40S ribosomal protein S25, putative   −1.48
RPS26C orange1.1g032843m AT3G56340 40S ribosomal protein S26 (RPS26C)   −1.13
PSRP3 orange1.1g030605m AT1G68590 plastid-specific 30S ribosomal protein 3, putative / PSRP-3   −1.33
PSRP3 orange1.1g029878m AT5G15760 plastid-specific 30S ribosomal protein 3, putative / PSRP-3   −1.44
PSRP3 orange1.1g030716m AT1G68590 plastid-specific 30S ribosomal protein 3, putative / PSRP-3   −1.40
RPS30A orange1.1g020955m AT5G24490 30S ribosomal protein, putative −1.09 −1.39
RPL3 orange1.1g023905m AT2G43030 ribosomal protein L3 family protein   −1.64
RPL5 orange1.1g024440m AT4G01310 ribosomal protein L5 family protein   −1.69
RPL6 orange1.1g027306m AT1G05190 embryo defective 2394   −1.58
RPL9 orange1.1g029153m AT3G44890 ribosomal protein L9   −1.81
RPL10 orange1.1g027713m AT5G13510 ribosomal protein L10 family protein   −1.34
RPL13 orange1.1g026067m AT1G78630 embryo defective 1473   −1.37
RPL15 orange1.1g024515m AT3G25920 structural constituent of ribosome   −1.39
RPL17 orange1.1g041707m AT3G54210 ribosomal protein L17 family protein   −1.79
RPL18 orange1.1g030804m AT1G48350 ribosomal protein L18 family protein −1.08 −1.94
RPL19 orange1.1g026573m AT4G17560 ribosomal protein L19 family protein   −1.53
RPL21 orange1.1g027519m AT1G35680 50S ribosomal protein L21, chloroplast/CL21   −1.72
RPL24 orange1.1g029417m AT5G54600 50S ribosomal protein L24, chloroplast (CL24)   −1.98
RPL27 orange1.1g029509m AT5G40950 ribosomal protein large subunit 27   −1.01
RPL28 orange1.1g031725m AT2G33450 50S ribosomal protein L28, chloroplast (CL28)   −1.42
RPL29 orange1.1g030809m AT5G65220 ribosomal protein L29 family protein   −1.32
RPL34 orange1.1g031306m AT1G29070 ribosomal protein L34 family protein −1.01 −2.10
RPL35 orange1.1g031865m AT2G24090 ribosomal protein L35 family protein   −1.29
RPL3A orange1.1g038172m AT1G43170 Arabidopsis ribosomal protein 1   −1.61
RPL6B orange1.1g026764m AT1G74060 60S ribosomal protein L6 (RPL6B)   −1.17
RPL7C orange1.1g026093m AT2G44120 60S ribosomal protein L7 (RPL7C)   −1.14
RPL15A orange1.1g028730m AT4G16720 60S ribosomal protein L15 (RPL15A)   −1.16
RPL17B orange1.1g030568m AT1G67430 60S ribosomal protein L17 (RPL17B)   −1.17
RPL18C orange1.1g030771m AT5G27850 60S ribosomal protein L18 (RPL18C)   −1.27
RPL24A orange1.1g031225m AT2G36620 ribosomal protein L24   −1.05
RPL32A orange1.1g032796m AT4G18100 60S ribosomal protein L32A   −1.02
RPL37C orange1.1g034400m AT3G16080 60S ribosomal protein L37 (RPL37C)   −1.22
RPL7A orange1.1g025016m AT2G47610 60S ribosomal protein L7A (RPL7aA)   −1.02
RPL7A orange1.1g024981m AT3G62870 60S ribosomal protein L7A (RPL7aB)   −1.04
RPLP1 orange1.1g033944m AT5G24510 60s acidic ribosomal protein P1, putative 1.92 1.75
RPP3A orange1.1g033353m AT4G25890 60S acidic ribosomal protein P3 (RPP3A)   −1.14
RPL18A orange1.1g035537m AT1G29970 60S ribosomal protein L18A-1   −1.40
RPL37A orange1.1g044880m AT3G10950 60S ribosomal protein L37a   −1.04
RRL13A orange1.1g028649m AT5G48760 60S ribosomal protein L13A 1.12  
BBC1/L13 orange1.1g028624m AT3G49010 Arabidopsis thaliana breast basic conserved 1   −1.92
a orange1.1g010232m AT1G71720 S1 RNA-binding domain-containing protein   −1.21
a orange1.1g034489m AT5G40080 60S ribosomal protein-related   1.46
a orange1.1g043340m AT2G39670 radical SAM domain-containing protein   −1.58
a orange1.1g044572m AT3G27180 unknown protein   −1.01
  1. Note: ‘a’ represents transcripts without gene symbol