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Table 1 Total number of differentially expressed transcripts between pairs of wing sectors that led to the identification of eyespot-specific, sector-specific, and sex-specific transcripts

From: Wound healing, calcium signaling, and other novel pathways are associated with the formation of butterfly eyespots

Objective Comparisons Total differentially expressed transcripts Up-regulated transcripts Down-regulated transcripts Common up-regulated transcripts Common down-regulated transcripts
Genes associated with eyespot development Sp M3 vs. Wt M3 4056 2088 1968 132 54
Wt Cu1 vs. Wt M3 1368 792 576
Sp Cu1 vs. Wt M3 2197 1066 1131
Sector specific transcripts Wt M3 vs. Wt Cu1 1368 576 792 23 29
Sp M3 vs. Sp Cu1 1169 628 541
Differentially expressed transcripts between sexes Male Cu1 vs. Female Cu1 2785 1714 1071 1714 1071