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Table 4 Selected nucleotide pattern frequencies for mouse data

From: A Support Vector Machine based method to distinguish long non-coding RNAs from protein coding transcripts

1 aa, aaa, ac, aca, acg
2 act, ag, aga, at, ata
3 atc, atg, att, ca, caa
4 cac, cag, cat, cc, cca
5 ccc, cg, cgc, ct, cta
6 ctc, ctg, ga, gac, gag
7 gc, gcg, gg, ggg, gt
8 gtc, gtg, ta, tac, tag
9 tat, tc, tca, tct, tg
10 tga, tgt, tt, ttg, ttt
  1. GRCm38 data set was analyzed to identify the 50 pattern frequencies with the higher PCA loadings