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Fig. 3

From: Genomic preselection with genotyping-by-sequencing increases performance of commercial oil palm hybrid crosses

Fig. 3

Mean prediction accuracy over six replicates of hybrid crosses, when predicting cross values of Site 2 using a model calibrated on Site 1, using GBLUP (solid line) and the control PBLUP (dashed black line). The last level of the number of SNPs (6702) is the mean number of SNPs in Group A and Group B. Significance of ANOVA for prediction model: *** P < 0.001, ** 0.001 ≤ P < 0.01, * 0.01 ≤ P < 0.05, ns not significant. Values are means over n = 26 random marker subsets (except when using all the markers, n = 1)

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