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Table 2 Functional annotation for 12 genes differentially regulated throughout all phases of wound response

From: Transcriptomic responses to wounding: meta-analysis of gene expression microarray data

Term Number of genes p-value Genes
GO:0022617~extracellular matrix disassembly 4 1.43E-05 CD44, MMP12, SPP1, TIMP1
GO:0005615~extracellular space 7 5.39E-05 ICAM1, CCL2, LGALS3, ANXA1, SPP1, ANXA2, TIMP1
GO:0008360~regulation of cell shape 4 8.91E-05 ICAM1, CCL2, PDPN, ANXA1
GO:0009986~cell surface 3 2.16E-04 CCL2, LGALS3, ANXA1
GO:0002548~monocyte chemotaxis 3 3.31E-04 ICAM1, CCL2, CD44
GO:0070374~positive regulation of ERK1 and ERK2 cascade 3 5.58E-03 ICAM1, CD44, SPP1
GO:0030198~extracellular matrix organization 5 6.96E-03 ICAM1, PTPRC, CD44, ANXA1, ANXA2
GO:0048246~macrophage chemotaxis 2 8.49E-03 CCL2, LGALS3
GO:0006954~inflammatory response 3 2.44E-02 CCL2, ANXA1, SPP1
GO:0043434~response to peptide hormone 2 2.85E-02 ANXA1, TIMP1
GO:0043066~negative regulation of apoptotic process 3 3.43E-02 CD44, ANXA1, TIMP1
GO:0030593~neutrophil chemotaxis 2 4.24E-02 CCL2, LGALS3
  1. The p-values for the terms significant after Benjamini correction (p-value adjusted <0.05) are distinguished with bold font
  2. The 12 genes differentially regulated during all wound healing phases are listed in Fig. 7