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Table 4 List of 22 candidate genes for 10 important QTL associated with Fe or Zn toxicity tolerance

From: QTL mapping and candidate gene analysis of ferrous iron and zinc toxicity tolerance at seedling stage in rice by genome-wide association study

QTL Candidate gene Annotation
qSh6 LOC_Os06g17690 hypothetical protein
qSh6 LOC_Os06g17800 retrotransposon protein, putative, Ty3-gypsy subclass, expressed
qSh6 LOC_Os06g17880 NBS-LRR disease resistance protein, putative, expressed
qSdw3a LOC_Os03g47149 expressed protein
qSdw3a LOC_Os03g47240 Conserved hypothetical protein.
qSdw3a LOC_Os03g47310 transposon protein, putative, CACTA, En/Spm sub-class, expressed
qSdw3a LOC_Os03g47330 transposon protein, putative, CACTA, En/Spm sub-class
qSdw3a LOC_Os03g47360 Similar to F-box domain containing protein.
qSdw3a LOC_Os03g47370 LTPL95 - Protease inhibitor/seed storage/LTP family protein precursor, putative, expressed
qSdw3b LOC_Os03g62050 conserved hypothetical protein
qSdw3b LOC_Os03g62060 Similar to IAA-amino acid hydrolase 1
qSdw3b LOC_Os03g62170 cyclase/dehydrase family protein, expressed
qSdw6 LOC_Os06g17690 hypothetical protein
qSdw6 LOC_Os06g17880 NBS-LRR disease resistance protein, putative, expressed
qSdw11 LOC_Os11g38890 retrotransposon protein, putative, unclassified, expressed
qSdw11 LOC_Os11g38930 tRNA-splicing endonuclease subunit Sen2, putative, expressed
qSdw11 LOC_Os11g38959 40S ribosomal protein S9–2, putative, expressed
qRdw9 LOC_Os09g24700 Ribosomal protein L34e domain containing protein
qSwc5 LOC_Os05g04410 peroxidase precursor, putative, expressed
qSwc10 LOC_Os10g25320 initiation factor 2 subunit family domain containing protein, expressed
qSFe2 LOC_Os02g48940 expressed protein
qSFe2 LOC_Os02g48950 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme, putative, expressed
qSZn11 LOC_Os11g30370 OsSPL19 - SBP-box gene family member, expressed
qSZn11 LOC_Os11g30400 expressed protein