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Table 1 Simulated and observed correlations between mutations and transpositional activity

From: Computational identification of harmful mutation regions to the activity of transposable elements

Iteration w 1 w 2 w j w nw
1 ρ (1,1) ρ (1,2) ρ (1,j) ρ (1,nw)
2 ρ (2,1) ρ (2,2) ρ (2,j) ρ (2,nw)
i ρ (i,1) ρ (i,2) ρ (i,j) ρ (i,nw)
n ρ (n,1) ρ (n,2) ρ (n,j) ρ (n,nw)
observed correlation (ρ obs ) ρ 1 ρ 2 ρ j ρ nw
p-value p 1 p 2 p j p nw
q-value q 1 q 2 q j q nw