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Fig. 4

From: Temporally distinct transcriptional regulation of myocyte dedifferentiation and Myofiber growth during muscle regeneration

Fig. 4

Expression profiles of gene clusters. K-means method was used to divide DEG into 18 clusters that were grouped, according to their expression profiles, into 4 major profiles (a-d) and 6 profiles composed of single gene clusters (e-j). a The first major profile, “Progressive Downregulation” (clusters 1, 3, and 7) showed progressive and significant downregulation at 9 hpi and 18 hpi. b The second major profile, “Persistent Downregulation” (clusters 4, 10, and 11) grouped downregulated genes at 9 hpi that maintained similar expression levels through 18 hpi. c Genes of the third major profile, “Persistent Upregulation” (clusters 2, 5, 13, and 14), were upregulated at 9 hpi and maintained through 18 hpi. d The fourth major profile, “Delayed Downregulation” (clusters 6 and 17) included genes whose expression was significantly downregulated only at 18 hpi. The remaining single cluster profiles (e-j) presented more dynamic time changes. e “Transient Activation” (cluster 8) contains genes that were only expressed at 9 hpi. f “Transient Upregulation” (cluster 9) represents genes present in control that were significantly upregulated at 9 hpi and returned to control levels at 18 hpi. g “Late Upregulation” (cluster 12) contains genes whose expression was upregulated at 18 hpi. h “Transient Repression” (cluster 15) is composed of genes expressed in control muscles and at 18 hpi but not expressed at 9 hpi. i “Persistent Repression” (cluster 16) contains genes that were only expressed in control muscles. j “Late Activation” (cluster 18) displayed the opposite trend with genes only expressed at 18 hpi. The color behind the cluster number is related to the color bar in Fig. 1 and Additional file 26: Figure S14. k, l GO enrichment analysis of the major gene expression profiles A-D. (k) Significantly overrepresented GO categories in profiles with genes downregulated over time (profiles A, B and D). (l) Significantly overrepresented GO categories in profile C which had persistently upregulated genes. Categories with P < 0.05 were considered as significantly overrepresented

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