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Table 1 Data sets used in the evaluation, with organism denoting the organism, type denoting whether the organism is model or non-model, libraries denoting the total number of libraries with the number in parentheses denoting the number of libraries after combining the biological replicates for independent assembly in our algorithm, size denoting the total number of bases in all the reads after quality trimming, and reference denoting the publication that describes the libraries

From: A divide-and-conquer algorithm for large-scale de novo transcriptome assembly through combining small assemblies from existing algorithms

Organism Type Libraries Size Reference
Schizosaccharomyces pombe Model 32 16.9 G [4]
Drosophila melanogaster Model 13 9.4 G [18]
Arabidopsis thaliana Model 5 16.1 G [19]
Drosophila melanogaster Model 245 (34) 158 G [20]
Cochliomyia macellaria Non-model 93 (31) 298 G New data