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Table 2 Gene Set Enrichment Analysis for proteins identified by reference but not sample-specific databases

From: Proteomics in non-human primates: utilizing RNA-Seq data to improve protein identification by mass spectrometry in vervet monkeys

GO Annotation Description p-value FDR q-value
GO: STRUCTURAL MOLECULE ACTIVITY The action of a molecule that contributes to the structural integrity of a complex or assembly within or outside a cell. 3.03 × 10−15 3.42 × 10−11
GO: OXIDATION REDUCTION PROCESS A metabolic process that results in the removal or addition of one or more electrons to or from a substance, with or without the concomitant removal or addition of a proton or protons. 9.8 × 10−14 5.52 × 10−10
GO: DNA PACKAGING COMPLEX A protein complex that plays a role in the process of DNA packaging. 7.61 × 10−13 2.86 × 10−9
GO: EXTRACELLULAR SPACE That part of a multicellular organism outside the cells proper, usually taken to be outside the plasma membranes, and occupied by fluid. 1.25 × 10−11 2.81 × 10−8
GO: PROTEIN DNA COMPLEX A macromolecular complex containing both protein and DNA molecules. 6.04 × 10−11 1.13 × 10−7