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Fig. 1

From: Discovering the potential of S. clavuligerus for bioactive compound production: cross-talk between the chromosome and the pSCL4 megaplasmid

Fig. 1

Change of gene expression level and DNA quantification of genes in S. clavuligerus pSCL4- in relation to wild type strain. a Change of expression level of genes in S. clavuligerus pSCL4 chromosome at 46.5 h in relation to the wild type strain. The pattern of the change of gene expression level was the same at 22.5 h and 60 h (not shown). b qPCR of: i) pSCL4 located genes (parB pSCL4) deleted in S. clavuligerus pSCL4, ii) genes located in plasmids different from pSCL4 (parA pSCL2), iii) genes located in the central part of the chromosome (SCLAV_5146, SCLAV_5308), and iv) genes located in the 303 kb stretch of the right arm of the chromosome (SCLAV_5482, 5485, 5487, 5491, 5521, 5580, 5585, 5692, 5719 and the right telomere (nt 6,760,214 to 6,760,380)

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