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Fig. 4

From: Discovering the potential of S. clavuligerus for bioactive compound production: cross-talk between the chromosome and the pSCL4 megaplasmid

Fig. 4

Effects of the lack of pSCL4 on putative gene clusters for secondary metabolites biosynthesis. Change of expression (fold) of the upregulated SMC5 (upper panel) and SMC11b (lower left panel), clusters, and the downregulated SMC12 (lower right panel) gene clusters of S. clavuligerus pSCL4 in comparison with those in S. clavuligerus ATCC 17064 (taken as 1.0). Only the exponential phase samples are shown for SCM5. Bars represent the change of expression (fold) (base-2 logarithmic scale) at early exponential phase (black bars), exponential phase (grey bars) and stationary phase growth (white bars). The gene SCLAV_0465 has no probe in the microarrays. The SCLAV_ number of the genes is indicated above the bars

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