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Table 1 Background information on the projects used to evaluate the selection of assembly and binning tools

From: Optimizing and evaluating the reconstruction of Metagenome-assembled microbial genomes

Project name Source Number of metagenomes Total number of reads Sequencing technology Environment
coral_IL_high Abrolhos, Brazil. 2014 16 20,711,400 Illumina MiSeq (IL) Coral atolls (coral)
coral_IT_low Abrolhos, Brazil. 2011 15 18,323,050 IonTorrent, PGM (IT) Coral atolls (coral)
kelp_IL_low San Diego, USA 2015 51 6,493,217 Illumina MiSeq (IL) kelp forest (kelp)
kelp_IT_high San Diego, USA 2012–2013 23 9,769,952 IonTorrent PGM (IT) kelp forest (kelp)