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Fig. 5

From: Weighted likelihood inference of genomic autozygosity patterns in dense genotype data

Fig. 5

Concordance of ROA inferred in the WGS and Omni2.5 datasets. a A scatterplot comparing the length of each WGS ROA with that of its corresponding Omni2.5 ROA in the European American (CEU) population. Each point is shaded according to the proportion of the WGS ROA that overlaps the Omni2.5 ROA. b Bar plots representing the proportions of short (< 500 kb; shown in red), intermediate (500 kb to 1.5 Mb; shown in green), and long (> 1.5 Mb; shown in blue) ROA in the WGS (upper) and Omni2.5 (lower) datasets that overlap (darkest shade) or are absent from (lightest shade) the other dataset in each population

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