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Fig. 6

From: Weighted likelihood inference of genomic autozygosity patterns in dense genotype data

Fig. 6

Influence of cultural processes on the distribution of wLOD scores. a Gaussian kernel density estimates of the pooled wLOD scores from all individuals in the Asian Indian Gujarati (GIH) and Telugu (ITU) populations at window sizes 200 and 220 SNPs, respectively. These patterns are representative of those observed in the Asian Indian Punjabi (PJL) and Sri Lankan Tamil (STU) populations as well as the East Asian Dai (CDX) population, which are excluded from the plot for clarity as their traces overlap significantly those of the GIH and ITU. b Gaussian kernel density estimates of the proportion of windows comprising each inferred ROA that are present in the right-most autozygosity mode in the Asian Indian GIH, ITU, PJL, and STU populations. ROA in the CDX population are almost exclusively in the left-most mode and it was excluded for clarity. The Asian Indian Bengali (BEB) population was excluded as we could not robustly distinguish between the two autozygous modes

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