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Fig. 7

From: Weighted likelihood inference of genomic autozygosity patterns in dense genotype data

Fig. 7

Per-population ROA frequencies within a ROA hotspot on chromosome 2. For each ROA class, for each population, the average proportion of individuals in that population who have an ROA overlapping SNVs within non-overlapping 50 kb windows from 132,500,000 to 140,200,000 bp on the q-arm of chromosome 2 is shown. Each row represents a population, and each column represents a window. Populations are ordered from top to bottom by geographic affiliation, as indicated by the color of their label, and within regions from top to bottom by increasing geographic distance from Addis Ababa (in the same order as in Figure S18 [Additional file 1]). The intensity of a point increases with increasing average ROA frequency, as indicated by the color scale below the figure. The SNV density of each window and an ideogram of chromosome banding are shown in the bottom tracks, with average recombination rate in each window represented by a vertical black line below the ideogram, where line heights proportional to average recombination rate. The black vertical box demarks the location of the LCT gene, while the vertical grey box demarks the location of the class 5 ROA hotspot in the CEU and GBR

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