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Table 1 Per-SNP likelihoods of autozygosity and non-autozygosity

From: Weighted likelihood inference of genomic autozygosity patterns in dense genotype data

G k Pr(G k | X k  = 1) Pr(G k | X k  = 0)
AA (1 − ε)f A,j  + εf A,j \( {f}_{A,j}^2 \)
AB 2εf A,j f B,j 2f A,j f B,j
BB (1 − ε)f B,j  + εf B,j \( {f}_{B,j}^2 \)
Missing 1 1
  1. Frequencies of alleles A and B in population j are denoted by f A,j and f B,j , respectively, and the assumed rate of genotyping errors and mutations by ε