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Table 4 Enriched ingenuity canonical pathways of DE genes in the Down and Up group using IPA (89% grain vs. 72% grain)

From: Transcriptome analysis of ruminal epithelia revealed potential regulatory mechanisms involved in host adaptation to gradual high fermentable dietary transition in beef cattle

Ingenuity canonical pathways -log (p-Value) z-score Molecules
Down group
 Role of Pattern Recognition Receptors in Recognition of Bacteria and Viruses 3.42E + 00 −2.0 CXCL8, OAS1, C3, IL1B, C1QB, EIF2AK2
 TREM1 Signaling 2.59E + 00 −2.0 CXCL8, NLRC5, IL1B, FCGR2B
Up group
 PTEN Signaling 6.06E-01 −2.0 TGFBR1, NTRK2, FLT1, KRAS
 Renin-Angiotensin Signaling 9.28E-01 1.6 FOS, MAP3K1, GNAQ, KRAS, MAPK11, FRS2
 IL-8 Signaling 8.71E-01 1.6 RAB11FIP2, CXCL8, FOS, FLT1, ITGAV, KRAS, FRS2
 ERK5 Signaling 9.19E-01 2.0 IL6ST, FOS, GNAQ, KRAS
 JAK/Stat Signaling 8.00E-01 2.0 FOS, GNAQ, KRAS, FRS2
 NF-κB Activation by Viruses 7.90E-01 2.0 MAP3K1, ITGAV, KRAS, FRS2
 VEGF Family Ligand-Receptor Interactions 7.76E-01 2.0 FOS, FLT1, KRAS, FRS2
 Rac Signaling 6.17E-01 2.0 MAP3K1, PIKFYVE, KRAS, FRS2
 PKCθ Signaling in T Lymphocytes 5.46E-01 2.0 FOS, MAP3K1, KRAS, FRS2
 Role of NFAT in Regulation of the Immune Response 4.09E-01 2.0 FOS, GNAQ, KRAS, FRS2
 Cell Cycle: G2/M DNA Damage Checkpoint Regulation 2.15E + 00 2.2 CDC25B, CKS2, CCNB2, PLK1, AURKA, CCNB1
 PDGF Signaling 9.28E-01 2.2 FOS, MAP3K1, CAV1, KRAS, FRS2
 NF-κB Signaling 7.60E-01 2.4 TGFBR1, NTRK2, FLT1, MAP3K1, KRAS, FRS2