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Table 1 Summary of the putative biomarkers

From: Biclustering of transcriptome sequencing data reveals human tissue-specific circular RNAs

GO term Genes P value
GO:0043005|neuron projection 41 1.95E-24
GO:0045202|synapse 34 3.67E-17
GO:0030182|neuron differentiation 36 5.53E-16
GO:0042995|cell projection 44 1.73E-15
GO:0044430|cytoskeletal part 48 2.92E-13
GO:0030424|axon 20 3.54E-12
GO:0031175|neuron projection development 24 7.24E-12
GO:0048666|neuron development 27 1.06E-11
GO:0015630|microtubule cytoskeleton 34 1.09E-11
  1. The GO term enrichment of back spliced junction sites clustered into brain is summarized in this table