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Table 1 Specimen information for individuals included in this study and their voucher numbers, locality information, and GenBank accession numbers for nuclear loci

From: Polymorphic duplicate genes and persistent non-coding sequences reveal heterogeneous patterns of mitochondrial DNA loss in salamanders

Species Voucher State: County BDNF POMC RAG1 Source
Aneides aeneus DH74978 GA: Chatooga MF946473 MF946498 MF946523 This study
Aneides aeneus DH74985 GA: Chatooga MF946474 MF946499 MF946524 This study
Aneides aeneus DH77583 KY: Letcher MF946475 MF946500 MF946525 This study
Aneides aeneus DH77584 KY: Letcher MF946476 MF946501 MF946526 This study
Aneides ferreus MVZ219942 CA: Siskiyou MF946477 MF946502 MF946527 This study
Aneides ferreus MVZ219953 OR: Douglas MF946478 MF946503 MF946528 This study
Aneides ferreus MVZ219958 OR: Linn MF946479 MF946504 MF946529 This study
Aneides ferreus RCT545 CA: Del Norte MF946480 MF946505 MF946530 This study
Aneides flavipunctatus AGC299 CA: Santa Cruz MF946481 MF946506 MF946531 This study
Aneides flavipunctatus MVZ219973 CA: Siskiyou EU275895 EU275849 EU275809 Vieites et al. [38]
Aneides flavipunctatus MVZ219977 CA: Sonoma MF946482 MF946507 MF946532 This study
Aneides flavipunctatus RAC080 CA: Mendocino MF946483 MF946508 MF946533 This study
Aneides flavipunctatus RCT481 CA: Shasta MF946484 MF946509 MF946534 This study
Aneides flavipunctatus RLM172 CA: Del Norte MF946485 MF946510 MF946535 This study
Aneides hardii MVZ226110 NM: Otero EU275857 EU275811 EU275780 Vieites et al. [38]
Aneides hardii RAC020 NM: Lin MF946486 MF946511 MF946536 This study
Aneides hardii RAC025 NM: Otero MF946487 MF946512 MF946537 This study
Aneides hardii RAC042 NM: Lin MF946488 MF946513 MF946538 This study
Aneides hardii RAC054 NM: Lin MF946489 MF946514 MF946539 This study
Aneides lugubris MVZ230722 CA: San Diego MF946490 MF946515 MF946540 This study
Aneides lugubris MVZ249828 CA: Mariposa MF946491 MF946516 MF946541 This study
Aneides lugubris RAC060 CA: Santa Clara MF946492 MF946517 MF946542 This study
Aneides lugubris RAC081 CA: Mendocino MF946493 MF946518 MF946543 This study
Aneides vagrans HBS26688 CA: Mendocino MF946494 MF946519 MF946544 This study
Aneides vagrans MVZ219886 CA: Del Norte MF946495 MF946520 MF946545 This study
Aneides vagrans MVZ220991 CA: Humboldt MF946496 MF946521 MF946546 This study
Aneides vagrans RAC073 CA: Humboldt MF946497 MF946522 MF946547 This study
Ensatina eschscholtzii MVZ236171 CA: San Luis Obispo EU275862 EU275816 EU275785 Vieites et al. [38]
Desmognathus fuscus MVZ224931 MA: Franklin EU275858 EU275812 EU275781 Vieites et al. [38]
Hydromantes brunus MVZ238576 CA: Mariposa EU275871 EU275825 EU275790 Vieites et al. [38]
Plethodon elengatus MVZ220003 CA: Del Norte EU275882 EU275836 AY650120 Wiens et al. [58]; Vieites et al. [38]