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Fig. 1

From: A next generation sequencing based approach to identify extracellular vesicle mediated mRNA transfers between cells

Fig. 1

The experimental workflow used to identify mRNA transfers between adipocytes and macrophages in a co-culture system: (a) A schema illustrating the experimental design for cell culture and sample collection including (a) adipocyte cells cultured alone, from which two cell pellet samples ADaloneN1 and ADaloneN2 were retrieved for RNA-seq, adipocyte B1 and B2 were technical duplicates of genotyping using Illumina Omni2.5 SNP array, and an exosome extraction ADexosome was prepared for RNA-seq; (b) same as (a) but for macrophage cells; (c) co-culture of two cell lines, from which three adipocyte cell pellet samples ADcoN1-N3, three macrophage cell pellet samples MOcoN1-N3, and an exosome sample ADMOexosome were profiled by RNA-seq. b The analytical pipeline including the pre-processing of (a) genotype data and (b) RNA-seq data, (c) the Bayesian model to call mRNA transfers between two cell lines, and (d) the final output of this pipeline

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