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Fig. 6

From: A prototypical non-malignant epithelial model to study genome dynamics and concurrently monitor micro-RNAs and proteins in situ during oncogene-induced senescence

Fig. 6

Transcriptome analysis of HBEC CDC6 Tet-ON cellular system. a Timeline of ECEE (epithelial cancer evolution experiment) showing time points where main biochemical and phenotypical events occur. High-throughput RNA sequencing analysis that was performed on 3-day induced (initiation of senescence phase) and in the “escaped” cells, compared to non-induced ones, revealed extensive alterations in the transciptome landscape. b Heatmap, showing hierarchical clustering, and (c) Venn diagram of the deregulated genes indicated that most of them were exclusive features of either of the two time points and not common ones nominating that they share different traits. d Adjustment of the transcriptome analysis to the “hallmarks” of cancer, utilizing Gene Ontology (GO) terms as shown in table, revealed that the “escaped” cells share the characteristic features of cancer cells. DDR/R refers to DNA damage response and repair pathways

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