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Fig. 6

From: Global accumulation of circRNAs during aging in Caenorhabditis elegans

Fig. 6

Age-accumulation of circRNAs is independent of host gene expression. Density plots for CircTest-derived circRNA read counts fold-change versus linear read count RNA fold-change. Log2 fold-changes of circRNAs versus log2 fold-changes of linear RNAs from host genes are shown. a D-1 vs L4, (b) D-7 vs L4, (c) D-10 vs L4, (d) D-7 vs L4, and (e) D-10 vs D-1, (f) D-10 vs D-7. Scale bar inset in panel A represents circRNA number and applies to all the density plots. For old versus young time-point comparisons, it is evident that upregulation of circRNAs is largely independent of linear RNA expression from the same gene (upward shift in plots). Pearson correlation values are shown in the upper right corner, indicating weak correlation between the circular and linear ratios in all comparisons. Plots include circRNAs with a minimum of 6 reads for each time-point under comparison. g Pairwise comparisons of CircTest-derived counts showing significant host gene independent changes (Significant expression changes: P < 0.05, FDR < 0.2)

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