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Fig. 2

From: Molecular characterization of larval development from fertilization to metamorphosis in a reef-building coral

Fig. 2

Variation in gene expression through development in A. millepora. a. Principal coordinate analysis of all genes shows clustering of each developmental time point (0-12 days post fertilization) spanning PCoA 1 & 2 (a) and PCoA 2 & 3 (b). (c) Weighted gene co-expression network analysis identifies groups of co-regulated genes (modules) designated by arbitrary colors (number of genes in each module noted in column). Scale is the average distance between inter-cluster pairs. Hierarchical clustering of module eigengenes reveals 3 main clusters of gene expression (1-3) among 21 modules. Colored heatmap shows module-trait correlations with red and blue indicating positive and negative Pearson’s correlations, respectively (p < 0.1 (*), p < 0.05 (**), p < 0.01 (***)). Day 0-12 columns are categorical, coded in binary as either sampled on that day (1) or not (0)

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