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Fig. 4

From: Molecular characterization of larval development from fertilization to metamorphosis in a reef-building coral

Fig. 4

Candidate receptors and GCPR signaling pathways are associated with settlement, metamorphosis and juvenile morphology. a. Heatmap of genes with specified GO annotations within the turquoise module, the module most significantly positively correlated with competence, developmental time and fluorescence. Rows are genes, columns are samples ordered by developmental time as noted in the bottom panel. Genes in bold were chosen to be further screened with neuropharmacological agents to test effect on settlement and metamorphosis. b. Proportion of metamorphosis in response to drugs impacting the G-protein coupled receptor signaling (GCPR) pathway. Gpp[NH]p activates G proteins and has no significant impact on settlement (p mcmc  = 0.089, [100 μM], N = 5). GDP-β-S inactivates G-proteins and significantly impacts settlement (p mcmc  = 0.002, [100 μM], N = 5). Forskolin activates adenylate cyclase and inhibits settlement (p mcmc  < 0.001, [10 μM], N = 5). c. Proportion of metamorphosis in response to agonist (L-Glut) and antagonist (DL-2-A-3P) of metablotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs). L-Glut shows an inhibitory effect on settlement (p mcmc  = 0.02, [500 μM], N = 5) while DL-2-A-3P further reduces settlement (p mcmc  = 0.006, [1000 μM], N = 5). d. Phaclofen, an antagonist of GABAB receptors does not impact settlement (p mcmc  = 0.13, [100 μM], N = 5) HCL control (p mcmc  = 0.358, [0.1 M], N = 5). e. Su5402 blocks FGFR1 and prevents settlement and metamorphosis (p mcmc  = 0.006, [20 μM], N = 5). Juvenile morphology when exposed to natural settlement cue (CCA) and (f.) filtered seawater (FSW), (g) Gpp[NH]p [100 μM] or (h.) Phaclofen [100 μM]

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