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Fig. 6

From: A multi-omics approach reveals function of Secretory Carrier-Associated Membrane Proteins in wood formation of​ ​​Populus​​ ​trees

Fig. 6

Small phenolic compounds accumulate in the secondary xylem of the PttSCAMP3 RNAi lines. The graphs depict the abundance (peak area/mg fresh weight) and chemical structure of putative lignin-related oligomers in the PttSCAMP3 RNAi lines and the wild type in the LC-MS metabolome analysis. Only metabolites having a |p(CORR)| ≥ 0.6 in the OnPLS analysis were included. Full data set for the LC-MS metabolome analysis can be found in Additional file 5. G, guaiacyl unit; S, syringyl unit; SP, unit derived from sinapyl p-hydroxybenzoate; H, p-hydroxyphenyl unit. n = 5

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