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Table 3 Relationship between the H e estimates between WGS and the array data sets

From: Efficiency of different strategies to mitigate ascertainment bias when using SNP panels in diversity studies

  rs Slope
Array_all 0.956 2.233
Array_MAF5 0.957 2.321
GG 0.985 a 2.770
GG_MAF5 0.984 2.790
Pruned 0.973 2.150 a
Pruned_MAF5 0.974 2.340
Pruned_GG 0.983 2.675
Pruned_GG_MAF5 0.983 2.717
  1. r s – Spearman’s rank correlation. Slope – the slope of regression line when the H e estimates of array data are regressed against those of WGS data
  2. aNumbers in bold face represent the best value in the column. These results are based on 39 populations