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Table 2 Genomic classes used in the study

From: Patterns of variation in cis-regulatory regions: examining evidence of purifying selection

Category Code Category Description
CDS Protein coding sequence regions
UTR Protein coding untranslated regions
INTRON Protein coding intronic regions
DHS DNase hypersensitive regions
Genome Segmentations
 PROMOTER_w_TSS Predicted promoter region including transcription start site
 PROMOTER_FLANK Predicted promoter flanking region
 ENHANCER Predicted enhancer
 W_ENHANCER Predicted weak enhancer
 CTCF_ENRICHED CTCF enriched elements
Transcription Factor Binding Sites
 TFGEN General transcription factors
 TFCHR Chromatin-modifying transcription factors
 TFSS Sequence-specific transcription factors
 BHLH_FAM Basic helix-loop-helix protein family
 BZIP_FAM Basic leucine zipper family
 HMD_FAM Homeobox-domain family
 NR_FAM Nuclear hormone receptor family
 P53_FAM P53-like transcription factor family
 WHTH_FAM Winged helix-turn-helix family
 ZNF_FAM Zinc finger protein family
Reference Regions
 NON_ANN Non-annotated regions at least 200 kb away from CDS
 WHOLE_GENOME Whole genome average