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Table 3 Top five significant networks from intolerant SNPs exclusively from the layer or broiler line

From: Genome-wide characterization of genetic variants and putative regions under selection in meat and egg-type chicken lines

Moleculesa Total no of molecules Score Top diseases and functions
Layer line
BPI, DISC1, DYX1C1, IRG1, KNTC1, MAST2, MLKL, ODF2L, TELO2, TPO 34 54 cellular morphology, assembly, organization and maintenance
ACO1, FSH, ING1, LH, NEB, NPR2, PHKA2, RB1CC1, TNK2, Tropomyosin 27 37 organ morphology, organismal development and reproductive system development
AFF1, BARD1, CDC2, Cyclin A, Cyclin D, Cyclin E, EFHC1, ESR1, GNPAT, RB 27 37 developmental disorder, immunological disease and cancer
Alpha tubulin, Beta Tubulin, Dynein, EDIL3, ERK, FBN1, GPSM2, Growth Factor Receptor, INCENP, NPHP1 26 35 cellular assembly, organization, function, maintenance and cycle
ADCY, Caveolin, FHL5, GLUD1, IDH2, INSR, Insulin, LEPR, Proinsulin, Trypsin 24 31 reproductive system development, cellular growth and proliferation and endocrine system disorders
Broiler line
AMY2A, Amylase, Apyrase, DMBT1, EDA2R, NGNL2, INF2, NKRF, NUAK2, OTULIN 32 41 lipid metabolism, nervous system development and post-translational modification
AMOTL2, ERK, FBF1, IQCE, MIPOL1, SCEL, SETD5, SH3RF2, SMPD1, TIPIN 32 41 carbohydrate and drug metabolism and small molecule biochemistry
AKAP, AKAP6, AKAP9, DISC1, LXN, MAPRE3, PCNXL4, PPM1E, RPS6KA1, SCT 32 41 cellular morphology, assembly, organization, function and maintenance
DCHS1, DHX30, EFCAB11, ESR, FTSJ3, HEATR1, MGA, MRPL3, NDC1, UTRN 31 38 metabolic disease, hereditary disorder and cell cycle
Aconitase, CRISP2, LAMA1, MEF2, MYBPH, MYH2, MYO9A, NFS1, OFD1, Tubulin 30 37 cancer, dermatological diseases, organismal injury and abnormalities
  1. aExample of ten molecules present in each network