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Table 1 Mutations of the influenza TW17 compared to the SH13 strain

From: Computational analysis of the receptor binding specificity of novel influenza A/H7N9 viruses

Impact Protein Mutations
Viral oligomerization interfaces or binding small ligands HA I56T, A130P, S136N, I138T, A143V, K182E, L235Q, M245I, A310T, I335V, G338A, E396A, E403K, S499R
M2 E24D
NA M26I, M72I, Y166H, A210V, S242P, R289K, N322S
aPB2 M570I, E627K
Host receptor binding HA L235Q, E396A
Host specificity shift PB2 I292V, E627K
Glycosylation HA S136 N, I138T
Antibody recognition sites HA I56T, A130P, S136 N, I138T, A143V, L235Q, I335V, E396A, S499R
  NA S242P
Drug binding NA S242P, R289K
  1. aBest reference hit strain for PB2 is the influenza A/Duck/Guangdong/E1/2012(H10N8)