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Table 1 False Positives Reported by the Fusion Detectors

From: FuSpot: a web-based tool for visual evaluation of fusion candidates

Tool False Positives Large Scale FP
FusionCatcher 142 1
FusionMap 5 3
EricScript 298* 137
Bellerophontes 5060 4984
  1. We ran FusionCatcher, FusionMap, EricScript, and Bellerophontes on the synthetically generated BEERS [25] data set known not to contain any true gene fusions. The False Positives column indicates the total number of fusions reported by each tool. The Large Scale FP column depicts the number of reported fusions that involved gene partners at least 100 kilobase pairs apart or on different chromosomes (all others were considered read-throughs rather than potential genomic relocations.)
  2. *The total number of false positives for EricScript was counted using the reported list of fusions containing EricScore >‚ÄČ0.5 [20]