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Table 3 Muscle organ development process-related target genes identified in DAVID and PANTHER. Full sets of identified processes and the corresponding target genes are listed in Additional files 5 (DAVID) and 6 (PANTHER)

From: Breed-dependent microRNA expression in the primary culture of skeletal muscle cells subjected to myogenic differentiation

Selected muscle-related biological processes (DAVID)
Term Count Genes FDR
GO:0007517 muscle organ development 40 Sri, Cav2, Mef2a , Utrn, Eln, Cacnb2 , Pax3 , Tagln2, Itgb1, Pten, Tgfb2, Gphn, Atg5, Gata6, Hlx, Pax7 , Col6a3, Rhoa, Ppp3ca, Rarb, Nr2f2, Col11a1, Foxl2, Actc1, Met, Mstn, Igf1, Tbx1, Mbnl1 , Sirt1, Prox1, Foxp1, Foxp2, Fxr1, Mapk14, Six1, Pdgfrb, Hbegf, Foxc1, Serp1 1.11E-04
Selected muscle-related biological process (PANTHER)
Term Count Genes  
muscle organ development (GO:0007517) 21 Hoxa9, Lef1, Otx2, Lpp, Pax7 , Hoxb4, Lhx5, Hoxa11, Dlx3, Myo1c, Pdlim2, Myo5a, Myo10, Cacnb2 , Mef2a , Hoxa13, Pax3, Lhx8, Cdh24, Hoxc13, Mbnl1  
  1. Underlined are genes common for both the DAVID and the PANTHER analyses. DAVID The Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery v6.7, PANTHER Protein ANalysis THrough Evolutionary Relationships Classification System, FDR false discovery rate