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Table 1 List of fungal genomes mined for peptidase encoding genes

From: Genome mining for peptidases in heat-tolerant and mesophilic fungi and putative adaptations for thermostability

Order Species Classification Reference
Eurotiales Aspergillus fumigatus Thermotolerant JGI
Aspergillus niger Mesophilic Genozyme
Penicillium chrysogenum Mesophilic [49]
Penicillium roqueforti Mesophilic [50]
Rasamsonia byssochlamydoides Thermophilic Genozyme
Talaromyces stipitatus Mesophilic [51]
Thermoascus crustaceus Thermophilic Genozyme
Thermomyces dupontii Thermophilic Genozyme
Thermomyces lanuginosus Thermophilic [52]
Thermomyces stellatus Thermophilic Genozyme
Onygenales Myceliophthora thermophila Thermophilic [53]
Myceliophthora fergusii Thermophilic Genozyme
Myceliophthora sepedonium Mesophilic Genozyme
Sordariales Thielavia terrestris Thermophilic [53]
Thielavia australiensis Thermophilic Genozyme
Chaetomium globosum Mesophilic JGI
Chaetomium thermophilum Thermophilic [35]
Mucorales Mucor circinelloides Mesophilic [54]
Rhizomucor pusillus Thermophilic Genozyme
Rhizopus delemar Mesophilic [55]
Rhizopus microsporus Thermotolerant JGI
Thermomucor indicae-seudaticae Thermophilic [3]
Incertae sedis Myriococcum thermophilum Thermophilic Genozyme