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Table 4 Non synonymous SNPs between allelic variants. Differences in the amino acid (AA) sequence of the expressed protein resulting from non-synonymous SNPs between the allelic variants of the evaluated target genes. Comparison of the strains MTF2621 and MTF2622 with the S. cerevisiae reference strain S288C

From: QTL mapping of volatile compound production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during alcoholic fermentation

Gene AA position S288C MTF2621 MTF2622
AGP1 7 P P L
24 G E G
142 N S N
316 V V A
370 F L F
466 I L I
540 L I L
597 D N D
AGP2 256 H Y H
ALP1 126 V V A
FAS1 1504 V A V
1715 V A V
1970 V I V
ILV6 4 S L S
56 A P A
IXR1 45 T T A
65 Q Q
93 Y Y F
291 M M L
570 QQ QQ
LEU9 76 D D H
176 S S Y
MAE1 605 I I V
NRG1 129 P H P
156 T S T
RGS2 99 Y N Y
RGT1 326 L L P
717 I I V
722 P P A
729 S S N
SIR2 178 Q Q H
201 S G S