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Fig. 2

From: Quadruplex DNA in long terminal repeats in maize LTR retrotransposons inhibits the expression of a reporter gene in yeast

Fig. 2

CD spectra of selected oligonucleotides representing the parts of LTRs with wild-type and mutant PQS. a CD spectra of oligonucleotides representing wild-type PQS within LTRs from various LTR retrotransposons obtained at different concentrations of potassium ions. The peak at 265 nm corresponds to a parallel-stranded quadruplex. Sketches correspond to the most probable folding of the dominating quadruplex structure according to CD and electrophoretic results. b CD spectra of oligonucleotides representing mutant PQS within LTRs of various LTR retrotransposons. c CD spectra of Huck LTR retrotransposon having a control CG to TC substitution in G4 loop. d Native gel electrophoresis of oligonucleotides in the presence of 150 mM KCl at 28 °C, length of oligonucleotides is indicated below names

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