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Fig. 2

From: Characterization of the human RFX transcription factor family by regulatory and target gene analysis

Fig. 2

Heat map of tissue expression clusters of RFX1–8 and their experimentally confirmed target genes in humans. Heat map of unsupervised hierarchical clustering of 30 TSS locations of RFX genes and 185 TSS locations of validated RFX target genes (with shorthand p for promoter) based on the expression values in tags per million (TPM) across 135 human tissue samples extracted from FANTOM5. The heat map color-code represent Pearson correlation values with a gradient of − 1 in dark blue/blue (negative correlation), 0 in white (zero correlation) and 1 in yellow/orange (positive correlation). The graph was generated by the heatmap.2::gplots [95] R package. RFX TSS locations tissue clusters (y-axis) are color-coded as described in Additional file 2. The tissue cluster divisions of RFX target genes (x-axis) are based on groups of tissues with the highest expression values (TPM) of the respective TSS locations. The term “other tissues” includes adipose, kidney, lung, seminal vesicle, skeletal muscle, throat and uterus

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