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Table 1 RFX1–8 expression data and novel transcripts

From: Characterization of the human RFX transcription factor family by regulatory and target gene analysis

Gene (chromosome) TSS Matched
Ensemble transcript
Tissue profile summary
Expression Highest in
RFX1 (chr19) pA@RFX1 ENST00000254325 Broad Cerebellum (brain)
pB@RFX1 ENST00000254325
pC@RFX1* Novel transcript* Specific Testis
RFX2 (chr19) pA@RFX2 ENST00000303657 Broad Uterus
pB@RFX2 ENST00000303657 Testis
pC@RFX2 ENST00000303657 Medulla oblongata (brain)
RFX3 (chr9) pA@RFX3 ENST00000382004 Broad Cerebellum (brain)
pB@RFX3 ENST00000382004 Lung, fetal
pC@RFX3* Novel transcript* Cerebellum (brain)
pD@RFX3 ENST00000382004 Lung, fetal
pE@RFX3* Novel transcript* Specific Testis
RFX4 (chr12) pA@RFX4 ENST00000392842 Specific Spinal cord
pB@RFX4 ENST00000229387 Specific Testis
pC@RFX4 ENST00000357881
RFX5 (chr1) pA@RFX5 ENST00000290524 Broad Blood (immune system)
pB@RFX5 ENST00000290524 Tonsil (immune system)
pC@RFX5* Novel transcript* Brain, fetal
pD@RFX5 Novel transcript Duodenum, fetal (GI)
RFX6 (chr6) pA@RFX6 ENST00000332958 Specific Duodenum, fetal (GI)
pB@RFX6 ENST00000332958
pC@RFX6 ENST00000332958
RFX7 (chr15) pA@RFX7* Novel transcript* Broad Cerebellum (brain)
pB@RFX7 ENST00000559447
pC@RFX7* Novel transcript*
pD@RFX7 Novel transcript
RFX8 (chr2) pA@RFX8* Novel transcript* Lowly expressed (TPM < 5) Thymus (immune system)
pB@RFX8 ENST00000428343 Medial frontal gyrus (brain)
pC@RFX8 Novel transcript Noise (TPM < 1) Heart
pD@RFX8 Novel transcript Breast
pE@RFX8 Novel transcript Rectum, fetal
  1. Thirty TSS locations from eight human RFX genes and their respective tissue profile summaries are presented (cf. Methods; GI = gastrointestinal tract). For an expanded summary and the analysis of functional domains, see Tables S1 and S2 in Additional file 3, respectively. Novel transcripts are marked in bold and those selected for experimental validation are marked with an asterisk. For RT-PCR verified sequences of novel transcripts, see Table S9 in Additional file 3