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Table 2 Summary of major pathways over-represented in each song nucleus

From: The constitutive differential transcriptome of a brain circuit for vocal learning

HVC RA nXIIts Area X
A. Ion Channels and Cellular Excitability
 Cardiac conduction Cardiac conduction Cardiac conduction Cardiac conduction
 Voltage gated K+ channels Voltage gated K+ channels Voltage gated K+ channels Phase 0 - rapid depolarization
 2 pore K+ channels Inactivation of Na + channels   Phase 2 - plateau phase
Resting membrane potential  
B. GPCR Signaling
 GPCR Adenosine A2A receptor GPCR signaling-G alpha q GPCR signaling-cholera toxin G alpha (i) signaling events
 GPCR Dopamine D1 receptor GPCRs, Class A Rhodopsin GPCR signaling-G alpha i
GPCR signaling-G alpha q
GPCR signaling - Epac and ERK
GPCR signaling - PKA and ERK
GPCR signaling-pertussis toxin
Secretin family receptors
C. Neuromodulatory Systems
 Cholinergic synapse Biogenic Amine Synthesis Amphetamine addiction Adrenergic signaling
Cholinergic synapse Dopamine Release Cycle
Dopaminergic synapse Serotonin signaling
Serotonin and anxiety Beta-agonist/Beta-blockers
D. Intracellular signaling
 Phospholipase D signaling cAMP signaling pathway Phospholipase D signaling cGMP-PKG signaling pathway
 CREB phos. Via CaMKII cGMP effects PLC beta mediated events rho-GEF activation
 Ras signaling pathway PLC-gamma1 signaling
DAG and IP3 signaling
cGMP-PKG signaling
E. Lipid Metabolism
 HDL-mediated lipid transport Glycerolipid metabolism   Glycosphingolipid biosynthesis
 Lysosphingolipid receptors Phospholipid Biosynthesis   Lysosphingolipid receptors
 triacylglycerol biosynthesis lipoprotein lipase deficiency  
Glycerol Kinase Deficiency  
F. Growth Factor Signaling
 NGF signalling via TRKA FGFR1 ligand binding Signaling by EGFR  
 Signaling by EGFR FGFR2c ligand binding Signaling by VEGF
 Signaling by PDGF Internalization of ErbB1
 Signalling by NGF
 VEGF Signaling Pathway
 VEGFR2 mediated prolif.
G. Axon guidance and cell-cell interaction related
 Axon guidance   Axon guidance Axon guidance
 neurexin/neuroligin complex neurexin/neuroligin complex Adherens junctions interact.
 ECM-receptor interaction Reelin signalling pathway NCAM1 interactions
 Integrin Netrin-1 signaling
 LGI-ADAM interactions Cell adhesion molecules
 neurite out-growth (NCAM) CRMPs in Sema3A signaling
H. Glutamate transmission
 Activation of NMDA receptors   Activation of NMDA receptors Glutamatergic synapse
Trafficking of AMPA receptors
I. Calcium Signaling
 Calcium signaling pathway   Calcium signaling pathway Calcium signaling pathway
 CAM-kinase activation CAM-kinase activation Reduction of cytosolic Ca2+
Calmodulin induced events Sodium/Calcium exchangers
Elevation of cytosolic Ca2+
J. Peptide signalling
 Gastrin-CREB signaling   Gastrin-CREB signaling Peptide binding receptors
 Oxytocin signaling pathway Oxytocin signaling pathway NFAT signaling in lymphocytes
 Renin secretion Opioid Signalling Morphine addiction
Vasopressin regulation
Morphine addiction
K. Specific Pathways Shared by two or more song nuclei
 Hemostasis   Hemostasis Hemostasis
 Circadian entrainment   Circadian entrainment Circadian entrainment
 Keratan sulfate biosynthesis    Keratan sulfate biosynthesis
 Rhodopsin-like receptors    Rhodopsin-like receptors
 Gap junction   Gap junction  
 nitric oxide signaling   nitric oxide signaling pathway  
 Insulin secretion   Insulin secretion  
 Long-term potentiation   Long-term potentiation  
 Taste transduction   Taste transduction  
  Aldosterone secretion Aldosterone secretion
  Purine/Pyrimidine metabolism Purine/Pyrimidine metabolism
  Olfactory transduction Olfactory transduction
L. Pathways Unique to Individual Song Nuclei
 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Cell cycle: g2/m checkpoint Aquaporin-mediated transport Gene reg. by peroxisome proliferators
 Angiogenesis overview Amino acid metabolism CLEC7A/NFAT activation  
 Chemokine/DAP12 signaling somitogenesis NDK phosphins and dynamin  
 Glycosaminoglycan metabolism Glial Cell Differentiation FTO Obesity Mechanism  
 RET signaling peroxisomal oxidation MNGIE disease  
 Toxicity of botox A   Nicotin-ate/−amide metabolism  
  Regulation of pgc-1a  
  endocannabinoid signaling  
  Salivary secretion  
  Signaling by Wnt