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Table 2 Development of SNaPshot primer set

From: Identification of novel putative causative genes and genetic marker for male sterility in Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica D.Don)

Locus position Forward/Reverse Primer sequences Amplicon size (bp) Forward/Reverse Extension primers No.of nucleotides (bp) Alleles (dyes) detected
reCj19250_1927 Forward 5’-CTGGAAAGGTCATGTACTCTGC-3’ 190 Forward 5′-1 T-AACATATGCGTTCACTACCCTGC-3’ 24 G (blue), A (green)
reCj19250_2335 Forward 5’-GTTCTAGACGTGGCGGCAG-3’ 180 Reverse 5’-TGCTCAATCCTGTACACAGTACCTGCAC-3’ 28 C (yellow), T (Red)
reCj19314_126 Forward 5’-CGCTCTTCGTGTTGGCTTAG-3’ 133 Reverse 5′-7 T-TCTCTGTGTGCCGACGAAACCGAAGT-3’ 33 A (green), C (yellow)
Reverse 5’-GGCTCAGAGATTACCACCTCG-3’ (Anti-sense)
reCj19314_859 Forward 5’-GGTGGGCCTGTTTCCTATTCCG-3’ 137 Reverse 5′-11 T-GGCCTCCATTGCAGACTTCTCAAACTG-3’ 38 A (green), C (yellow)
Reverse 5’-GCAGTTTCATCATCCATTACGGC-3’ (Anti-sense)