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Fig. 2

From: Cross-site comparison of ribosomal depletion kits for Illumina RNAseq library construction

Fig. 2

Properties of the rRNA depleted libraries: a) Fraction of reads mapping to nuclear rRNA shown. Site number indicated by color. Intact samples are shown as circles, degraded samples are shown as diamonds. Kit abbreviations: RZ = RiboZero Gold, LX = Lexogen RiboCop, Q = Qiagen GeneRead rRNA Depletion, NE = NEBNext rRNA Depletion, K=Kapa RiboErase, CR = Clontech Ribogone, CZ = SMARTer Pico total RNA. b) Reads were mapped to exons in UCSC known gene and scored based on strand of alignment. c) Fraction of reads mapping to mt rRNA shown as in A. *- RiboZero site 3 used standard RiboZero instead of RiboZero Gold

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