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Table 4 Effect of particle size and sugar cane bagasse on relative gizzard weight at d 241

From: Upregulation of genes encoding digestive enzymes and nutrient transporters in the digestive system of broiler chickens by dietary supplementation of fiber and inclusion of coarse particle size corn

Treatments Relative gizzard weight
Particle size SB
CC 0% 1.934a
FC 0% 1.713b
CC 2% 1.921a
FC 2% 1.922a
Main effect
 0% 1.823
 2% 1.922
Particle size
 CC 1.927a
 FC 1.817b
P value
SB 0.060
Particle size 0.037
SB × particle size 0.036
  1. 1Within a column, values with different superscripts are significantly different from each other at P < 0.05