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Table 5 Effect of particle size and sugar cane bagasse on expression of proventricular genes at d 241,2

From: Upregulation of genes encoding digestive enzymes and nutrient transporters in the digestive system of broiler chickens by dietary supplementation of fiber and inclusion of coarse particle size corn

Treatments PGA5 PGC CCK
Particle size SB
CC 0% 1.096b 1.111b 1.000
FC 0% 1.361b 1.241b 1.391
CC 2% 2.712a 2.984a 1.066
FC 2% 1.000b 1.000b 1.217
Main effect
 0% 1.228 1.175 1.196
 2% 1.855 1.992 1.142
Particle size
 CC 1.903a 2.048a 1.034
 FC 1.180b 1.120b 1.304
P value
SB 0.070 0.078 0.811
Particle size 0.039 0.047 0.239
SB × particle size 0.007 0.026 0.598
  1. 1The relative expression levels of the genes of respective treatment groups are expressed as means of normalized relative quantities (NRQ). Relative quantities for individual genes are scaled to the average across all unknown samples per target gene
  2. 2Within a column, values with different superscripts are significantly different from each other at P < 0.05