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Table 3 Classification and proposed nomenclature of the Arabidopsis G-LecRKs

From: Classification and phylogenetic analyses of the Arabidopsis and tomato G-type lectin receptor kinases

Clade name Gene name Locus
G-LecRK-I AtG-LecRK-I.1 AT1G34300
AtG-LecRK-I.2 AT2G19130
AtG-LecRK-I.3 AT2G41890
AtG-LecRK-I.4 AT4G00340
AtG-LecRK-I.5 AT4G32300
AtG-LecRK-I.6 AT5G24080
AtG-LecRK-I.7 AT5G35370
AtG-LecRK-I.8 AT5G60900
G-LecRK-II AtG-LecRK-II.1 AT1G11340
AtG-LecRK-II.2 AT1G11410
G-LecRK-III AtG-LecRK-III.1 AT1G67520
AtG-LecRK-III.2 AT3G16030
G-LecRK-IV AtG-LecRK-IV.2 AT1G61610
AtG-LecRK-IV.2 AT4G21390
G-LecRK-V AtG-LecRK-V.1 AT1G11300
AtG-LecRK-V.2 AT1G11305
AtG-LecRK-V.3 AT1G11330
AtG-LecRK-V.4 AT1G11350
G-LecRK-VI AtG-LecRK-VI.1 AT1G65790
AtG-LecRK-VI.2 AT1G65800
AtG-LecRK-VI.3 AT4G21380
AtG-LecRK-VI.4 AT4G27290
AtG-LecRK-VI.5 AT4G27300
G-LecRK-VII AtG-LecRK-VII.1 AT1G61380
AtG-LecRK-VII.2 AT1G61390
AtG-LecRK-VIII.2 AT1G61420
AtG-LecRK-VIII.3 AT1G61430
AtG-LecRK-VIII.4 AT1G61440
AtG-LecRK-VIII.5 AT1G61480
AtG-LecRK-VIII.6 AT1G61490
AtG-LecRK-VIII.7 AT1G61500
AtG-LecRK-VIII.8 AT1G61550
Singletons AtG-LecRK-S.1 AT1G11280
AtG-LecRK-S.2 AT1G61360
AtG-LecRK-S.3 AT1G61370
AtG-LecRK-S.4 AT4G03230
AtG-LecRK-S.5 AT4G11900