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Table 4 Tomato G-LecRKs with incomplete kinase subdomains that lack some of the 11 subdomains

From: Classification and phylogenetic analyses of the Arabidopsis and tomato G-type lectin receptor kinases

Tomato G-LecRK Present kinase subdomains
Solyc04g008400.B I and II
Solyc03g006780 I - V
Solyc04g008370 I - V
Solyc04g077300 I - V
Solyc08076070 I - V, VI
Solyc07g055630 I, II, VI - X
Solyc04g077380 I - V, VI, XI
Solyc07g055640.A I - X
Solyc02g079710 I - X
Solyc07g063750 I - X