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Table 4 Mean FST values and 95% CI for each pairwise comparison

From: New insights into the phylogenetics and population structure of the prairie falcon (Falco mexicanus)

Pairwise comparison Global FST 95% CI
East Bay vs. Idahoa 0.03 0.01–0.05
East Bay vs. Mojave 0.02 0–0.03
East Bay vs. Pinnacles 0.01 0–0.02
Idaho vs. Mojave 0.01 −0.02 – 0.03
Idaho vs. Pinnacles 0.02 0.01–0.05
Mojave vs. Pinnacles 0.01 0–0.03
  1. aSampling sites include Idaho and California’s San Francisco East Bay Area (East Bay), Pinnacles National Park (Pinnacles) and the Mojave Desert (Mojave)