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Fig. 1

From: EnrichedHeatmap: an R/Bioconductor package for comprehensive visualization of genomic signal associations

Fig. 1

Implementation of EnrichedHeatmap. a Averaging model. The red line represents one window in the target regions or in the flanking regions when normalizing genomic signals to target regions. Black lines represent genomic signals that overlap to the given window. b Comparison between original methylation values and smoothed values. Grey color means no available methylation value associated for the window. Methylation data is from lung tissue in Roadmap dataset. Only data on chromosome 21 is used. Note the two heatmaps are independent and have different orderings. c Comparison between different row ordering methods. The three heatmaps correspond to ordering by enriched scores, by hierarchical clustering with Euclidean distance and by hierarchical clustering with closeness distance. The genomic signals are regions showing significant negative correlation between DNA methylation and expression of target genes

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