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Table 2 CAZymes detected in A. fumigatus SEB secretome related to biomass breakdown

From: Transcriptome and secretome analysis of Aspergillus fumigatus in the presence of sugarcane bagasse

Uniprot Acession Gene ID Protein Name CAZy Family Score SeqCover (%) Peptide Signal Substrate
Q6MYM8 Afu1g12560 endoglucanase AA9 1158.51 13.67 Y cellulose
Q4WP32 Afu4g07850 endoglucanasea,c AA9 11,713.03 47.2 Y cellulose
Q4X071 Afu2g14490 endoglucanase AA9 1475.28 15.22 Y cellulose
D4AHU7 Afu6g03280 swollenin CBM1 7631.56 32.14 Y cellulose
Q4WBW4 Afu8g06570 acetyl xylan esterase CBM1 5408.98 9.16 Y xylan
B0Y7U1 Afu6g09040 feruloyl esterase CE1 250.94 11.22 Y arabinoxylan, pectin
A4D9B6 faeC feruloyl esterase C CE1 3223.58 37.87 Y xylan
Q4WIS4 Afu2g00820 extracellular GDSL-like lipase/acylhydrolasea CE16 3089.24 22.45 Y xylan, mannan
Q4WRY0 Afu1g14710 beta-glucosidasea GH1 4556.9 26.5 N cellulose
Q4WCM9 Afu6g01800 endoglucanasea GH7/CBM1 6457.03 16.74 Y cellulose
Q0H904 Afu4g09480 endo-1,4-beta-xylanase C (xlnC)a GH10 34,440.44 85.23 Y xylan
Q4WLG5 Afu6g13610 endo-1,4-beta-xylanasea,c GH10/CBM1 7068.88 58.19 Y xylan
V5R355 Afu3g00320 endo-1,4-beta-xylanase (XlnA)a,c GH11 10,011.55 37.04 Y xylan
B0Y8Q8 Afu6g12210 endo-1,4-beta-xylanase (XynG1) GH11 1009.69 15.38 Y xylan
Q4WQR8 Afu4g13770 glycosyl hydrolase GH3 327.91 7.06 Y cellulose
B0YDT3 Afu6g00770 extracellular arabinanase GH43 4307.26 28.04 Y xylan, pectin
Q4WIR3 Afu2g00930 xylosidase/glycosyl hydrolasea,c GH43 2555.85 13.28 N xylan
Q4WIU1 Afu2g00650 arabinosidasea,c GH43 8662.27 27.8 N pectin
Q4X046 Afu2g14750 endo-arabinaseb GH43 2990.38 34.88 Y pectin
Q4WCE5 Afu8g04710 xylosidasea GH43 2270.88 24.77 N xylan
Q4WBJ5 Afu8g02510 glycosyl hydrolase family 43 proteinc GH43/CBM35 583.34 22.2 Y xylan, pectin
Q4WD15 Afu6g03150 Uncharacterized protein, hydrolase activitya GH5 2751.27 17.67 Y unknown
Q4WW63 Afu5g14560 Cellulase family proteinb GH5 2371.35 20.15 Y cellulose
Q4WGN1 Afu7g05610 glucanasea GH5 1540.22 16.6 N β-1,6-glucan
Q4WN62 Afu6g07480 endoglucanase GH5 2409.74 28.1 Y cellulose
B0Y9E7 Afu8g07030 endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase GH5/CBM1 649.86 16.21 Y mannan, galactomannan, glucomannan
F1DGF4 Afu6g11600 endoglucanasea,c GH5/CBM1 8172.11 36.52 Y cellulose
Q4WE56 Afu5g01830 extracellular endoglucanasea GH5/CBMX2 6764.9 19.83 Y cellulose
B0XWL3 Afu3g01910 cellobiohydrolasea,c GH6/CBM1 6069.09 23.13 Y cellulose
Q4X0P5 Afu2g12770 alpha-L-arabinofuranosidasea GH62 9479.28 40.66 Y arabinoxylan, arabinogalactan
Q4WIR4 Afu2g00920 extracellular glycosyl hydrolase/cellulasea,c GH62/CBM1 3622.83 28.28 Y arabinoxylan
B0Y793 Afu6g07070 cellobiohydrolase celDa,c GH7 21,820.01 54.65 Y cellulose
Q4WM08 Afu6g11610 1,4-beta-D-glucan-cellobiohydrolyasea,b GH7/CBM1 24,706.69 35.53 Y cellulose
T1YVP0 N/A Glucanasea GH7/CBM1 6572.88 24.78 Y cellulose
Q4WLW1 Afu6g12120 BNR/Asp-box repeat domain protein GH93 778.23 16.32 Y pectin
  1. aProteins identified in this study, which have also been identified in a previous study [23]
  2. bProteins identified in this study, which have also been identified in a previous study [22]
  3. cProteins identified in this study, which have also been identified in a previous study [24]