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Table 1 Average birth weight of newborns

From: Impact on birth weight of maternal smoking throughout pregnancy mediated by DNA methylation

  Smoking subgroup (n=25) Non-smoking subgroup (n=257) Mean difference p-valuec
Birth weight 3,267g (437)a 3,476g (455)a 209 (21 – 396)b 0.03
Birth weight females 3,172g (500)a 3,361g (428)a 189 (-135 – 512)b 0.23
Birth weight males 3,355g (367)a 3,597g (452)a 242 (10 – 474)b 0.04
  1. aMean values (Standard deviation)
  2. b95%-CI, two-sided
  3. cWelch t-test