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Table 1 Top pathways identified in large miRNA-mRNA defined signaling network

From: Co-sequencing and novel delayed anti-correlation identify function for pancreatic enriched microRNA biomarkers in a rat model of acute pancreatic injury

Pathway Source % of genes False discovery rate
ErbB1 signaling NCI 1.0 1.2e-6
Signaling by NGF Reactome 3.8 7.2e-6
PIP3/AKT signaling Reactome 0.9 7.2e-6
Signaling by EGFR KEGG 0.7 6.2e-7
Signaling by SCF-KIT Reactome 2.9 2.7e-5
IL-2 signaling Reactome 2.6 2.7e-5
Signaling by PDGF NCI 0.5 2.7e-5
Signaling by ERBB4 Reactome 3.0 2.7e-5
Signaling by FGFR3 Reactome 2.6 2.7e-5
IL-6 signaling NCI 0.5 2.9e-5